Learning Integrity

Samuel is at the 5th stage of the Spiritual revision lessons with Our Children. After the Integrity lesson, we asked the kids if anyone has any application or situation that related to our lesson after hearing it. The answer of Samuel was “I have gone through a situation and I was honest in it.”

So we asked him to share with us what happened with him. Samuel said that once while going to buy things for his family’s home with some friends, he found a mobile in the street. He took it to find its owner, but his friend told him, “let’s get rid of the sim card and sell it to earn money.” Samuel refused firmly and insisted to deliver it back to its owner. Then his friend tried to take it by force from him.

Samuel ran quickly to his house and got his father to help him in sending the mobile back to its owner. Samuel shared that because of what he has heard in the church, he has learned that he must send back any “found stuff” to its owner. After a while,Samuel and his father received a call from the mobile owner, and he came and took his mobile, and he thanked them for giving him the mobile back.

Every spiritual lesson we teach through Our Children, as well as the local churches in the villages, is so valuable for these children’s every day lives. May God bless and grow the hearts, minds and lives of all of these Egyptian children.

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