Our Children ministry invites you to partner with us through child and village sponsorship, as well as community projects.

As an individual, we invite you to sponsor a child for $40/month. These funds will help the child in the areas of education, health care and spiritual life growth — through things like literacy assessments, tutoring, discipleship groups, medical check-ups and many other things! Less than $6 out of your monthly $40 will go towards our employee salaries and other administrative costs.  If you have not been assigned a child to sponsor yet, please email us today at info@ourchildrenkdec.com to choose your child. Once you have an assigned child, use the donation box here to begin donating right away (it’s easy and safe to sign up for monthly donations!).

We also offer individuals and churches the opportunity to partner with us in sponsoring community projects such as preschools, water filtration, micro businesses and more. Email us to find out more info.

As a church, we invite you to partner with us in sponsoring a village as a whole. As a church, you can provide larger amounts of funds for community water filters, preschool/daycare renovations and support, volunteer trainings, micro-business projects and other opportunities, as well as help with much-needed administrative costs. Additionally, your church would work (with our support) to find sponsors for the (around 50) children inside that village, most likely families/people from your church members.  We also encourage churches to come to Egypt and see the work for themselves and meet our teams and volunteers here on the ground in the villages, as well as the children and families being impacted! Please contact us via the email below to discuss the idea of church partnership to sponsor a village.