Discovering Abuse and Providing Long-Term Help

M is a second grade girl sponsored by Our Children. During one of the weekly lessons with the ministry about respecting all people, the girl said she didn’t love her older brother at all and that she will not show respect for him. After the small group time, one of Our Children staff sat with her and she asked the girl why she is so mad about her brother like this. The girl answered “because he kisses me against my will and he does bad things to me and this upsets me and when I tell my mother she says he’s my brother and he loves me.” The staff member understood clearly that the boy is sexually abusing his sister, so she and the local church partner’s Pastor’s wife went to the mother and had a talk with her about this situation. They came up with a solution together and the staff member started arranging counselling sessions with the girl to help her heal emotionally. This also ignited the opportunity for a seminar to be done for all mothers on how to protect their children from sexual abuse. Now, we have a day planned for the kids themselves on how they can protect themselves from sexual abuse.

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