More Than Learning To Write

My name is Reda and I’m in Grade 5. I didn’t know how to read or write and in the school exams they used to write the answers on the blackboard for us, but even with the answers in front of me sometimes I couldn’t get it right. It was embarrassing for me to be asked to write anything. I also felt ashamed because of my grades. When the Our Children ministry started at our village, the workers wanted to evaluate me on my writing, but I couldn’t even write the letters correct. So they set a date for me and the kids with the same level in writing to start a literacy program with Ms. Nevin to teach us reading and writing over the summer. I went to the class on the date and started letters, words and sentences. I was very committed going to the class weekly and doing the homework because I really wanted to learn reading and writing and I didn’t want anybody to call me a loser or stupid anymore. And by the end of the summer vacation, we had a dictation to evaluate our progress and I was able to write everything I learned! I was very happy when the teacher told me that I’m a smart boy. I’m also thrilled that we’ll be taking classes at church in different subjects when the school starts.

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