An Unexpected Diagnosis

My name is Ester, sister of William. I’m in first grade of prep school. I used to have strong headaches and blurry sight and dizziness all the time to the extent I ran into things sometimes. When I went to Our Children ministry with my brother and the workers saw what’s happening to me, they took me to an Ophthalmologist because everybody thought it was an eyesight problem.  But when they took me there, the doctor said my eyesight has nothing wrong with it at all and I don’t even need eye glasses. The doctor asked for some lab tests, so the ministry helped me make the lab test and it came out to confirm that I have severe anemia and that was the reason for all the symptoms I have. The doctor put me on 3-month course of medication and asked also for a specific diet for me. Again, the ministry helped and bought the medication for me and also, they provided special food package for my diet. Now after just one month I feel much better and I don’t have the dizziness or the blurry sight anymore!

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