Preschool Renovation

We were so excited to have the opportunity to renovate the local church preschool/nursery in the village of Ashnin, thanks to one of our church partners in the US, Montecito Covenant Church in California. The preschool was quite unfit for the village children and therefore we were able to use another location the local church owned and make it a great place of learning for the children. Because it was a new space, it was bare bricks/concrete with bad to no flooring and required an incredible amount of work to complete.

Now, we are working with a local carpenter to build tables and chairs for the children as well. Additionally, Montecito Covenant Church provided enough resources to put in a water filter at the bottom of the building that is accessible to the entire village, providing a wonderful outreach opportunity for the local church!

Check out these pictures of the project and renovations and join us in prayer for how God will use this preschool and water filter for His Glory!

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