A Child Sponsorship Ministry of KDEC

Our Children ("Awladna")

Our Children (“Awladna”) exists to address and assist with the challenging needs of children and families in poor communities across Egypt and to help in putting an end to generational poverty within these chosen villages. Our desire is to inspire and empower families and villages to improve their life situation through providing help to the individual children living below the poverty line—those

who are in desperate need of physical, mental and spiritual assistance and growth.

As a ministry of Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church, the largest evangelical church in the Middle East, we seek to expand the Kingdom of God through Christ- and Gospel-centered efforts, while partnering with local churches to

promote unity and independence within the communities we serve. We want to see Egyptian children’s lives changed from the inside out, mind, body and spirit, to know and serve Christ, living happy and healthy lives. We long for children to be a light in their families & villages and, with God’s help, be the catalyst for long-term positive change in entire communities.

Our Values

Christ-Centered & Gospel-Driven

Everything we do is for and with Christ and we keep Him in the center of all our service. Living out and sharing the gospel is at the forefront of all that we do.

Wholeness & Independence

We believe in helping children and families as whole, serving them as one unit and across the many areas of their needs. Our efforts are based on the commitment to see individuals, families, and villages become independent, both in their thinking and action—to eventually “let go” and see them flourish without our help.

Sustainability & Perseverance

Our plans are long-term, putting more value on what will last and not on short-term solutions. We stay steadfast and know that we cannot give up, even when something may not work or needs more time, attention, or a new approach.

Respect & Creativity

We value every person we meet and serve, and believe they deserve complete respect, no matter their status or position. We are committed to creative and unconventional solutions that will lead to true transformation of hearts and minds.

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