Our new doctor

This month, we were able to do medical check-ups on all of the children in our program across the 3 villages. We did basic examinations, blood work as needed and gathered the medicines needed for some of the children. And we had a HUGE ANSWER TO PRAYER!…

We are excited to now have a permanent doctor with us, Dr. Wael, who has a clinic nearby to 2 of the villages. He has committed to be the designated doctor for these children and will be going to the villages one time every 3 months to do check-ups on all the children. In addition to this, for Beni Ahmed and Zawyet Sultan villages, his clinic is nearby and will be open for the children to come anytime that it is needed. For Al Ashnin, Dr. Wael will go to the village 2 days each month to see children that are in need of medical help.

Continue to join us in praying for the health of all of the children, especially in these pandemic times, and for Dr. Wael for all he is doing to help them.

If you would like to sponsor a child, click on this link and sign up or contact us by email: info@ourchildrenkdec.com.

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