First Camp for Burtubat

Our brand new village in our program, Burtubat, had the opportunity to do their own camp this month, before school starts in October. Though the village started too late to join in with our summer camp with all our village kids together, we were able to put together an individual one for these amazing 50 children and all 50 attended!

The children in the Burtubat village program were excited to spend their first time away from home and go to our camp! It was a new experience for them and a blessed time. The camp was about how God has called us to be His children and we saw the hope and light in their eyes during our time together.

Pray with us for these incredible children and their families. Pray we would see real hearts changed and coming to know Jesus. Pray that God would provide the individual needs for them and that they would be physically well. Pray that each child will learn and grow in their hearts and minds, as we serve them and help them.

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