Burtubat Village Launched

We are thrilled that we have recently launched our 4th village! Burtubat village in the El Minya area of Egypt now has 50 children and their families who are being served and lives are already changing. This is all because of another church in the United States, Mariners Church, deciding to partner with us to serve the people of Egypt. We are so grateful!















Before we start serving in a village, we join with our local church partner in the village and train the volunteers that will serve these families. We had our first training in our newest village, Burtubat, and it was wonderful! 18 volunteers learning, engaging, and having fun as they prepare to help change the lives of 50 children and their families.














Burtubat children had their first medical check ups and needed lab tests. Every sponsored child receives regular medical help. Food parcels also went out right away to our new program families. These staples that are given each month include things like oil, rice, flour, tea, etc. This first time included a chicken to welcome them to Our Children!













We had our first Mothers’ Meeting in the village as well. These once a month meetings with the moms are a great time of both encouraging them and educating them on different things. Pray for all the moms! (And it was fun having the kids with them for this first meeting 😁.)









Education is a priority for us! The children in Burtubat started their reading & writing lessons with our local tutors. We are excited to watch their growth and excitement throughout this coming year.We usually see most of the illiterate children in our program become literate in their first year in the program with us. It’s such a joy and privilege!

Join us in praying for this village. Pray for the children and families. Pray for our local church partner and the volunteers from the church that help us with every facet of the ministry. Pray for the tutors helping the children learn to read and write. Pray for our staff as they add on more work to their days and weeks. Pray for lives to be changed and generational poverty in these families and in this village to end! Thank you for your support and prayers.
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