Fathers Lives Changed

We continue to invest in the fathers of the children in our sponsorship program. Many of the children suffer emotionally and physically due to fathers treating them in unhealthy and un-Christlike ways. We knew as we helped the children that long term change would only come if we helped their fathers (and mothers) as well.

For the last few years, in some of the villages we are able to host “Fathers Meetings.” During these meetings that we encourage (but don’t require) the fathers to attend, our male leaders speak with them about parenting, what are the right ways to father a child, and help them see that what is “culturally acceptable” is not what is acceptable to God.

To our continuous amazement, God works and opens their hearts and minds to hearing what we have to teach them and show them. Just recently, in Ashnin village (our first village we started serving in), we opened up the opportunity for the fathers to share with us what this time together has done for them, changed in their lives or helped their family. Here’s what a few of them shared:

  • Mr. S., daughter in grade 5 now – He shared that he knows that kids are a gift from God, but he didn’t take the responsibility. When he was hearing that in a meeting where we taught ” how to deal with your kids,” you must be their friend and love them more, it changed his perspective on his responsibility as a father.
  • Mr. Sh., daughter in first year prep – He shared with us that the meetings and teaching are very helpful especially for his anger control. His elder daughter was in the last year of preparatory school and he was very angry with her about her first term exams results. But in the second term, after being taught in these meetings, he changed his attitude and he started to encourage her. He said to her, “you did your best; I’m so proud of you.”
  • Mr. A., daughter in grade 5 – He shared that his relationship improved with his wife and kids.
  • Mr. M. – He shared that in his opinion, helping his wife in home chores was not his business. But after the meetings, he learned that helping is his responsibility.
  • Mr. S., daughter in first year prep – He shared that the teaching was very helpful personally and said, “I must catch what I missed.”
  • Mr. M. – He shared that, “Before the meetings, I was disappointed, but now I started self-learning, especially on the anger topic.”
  • Mr. S.– He shared that he was hitting his kids before and now he stopped hitting them and tries to be their friend.

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