An end to abuse

Our dream is to see child abuse end completely in the villages where we serve, and eventually Egypt and the world. The heart of Jesus was and is to show children they are valued and loved, not exploit them or harm them. And so, one of our missions at Our Children/Awladna is to teach both children and their parents about what is right/wrong when it comes to child s*xual abuse.

We have been working diligently over the last year to train up our volunteers across our 6 villages, and our staff, to teach children about this matter, and in the correct ways. We were thrilled to launch a campaign initiative this month, where we traveled to all 6 villages and hosted gatherings to make these children aware that their body is theirs to care for and protect.

Our staff, volunteers and doctors did an amazing job of reaching 1200 children! This included children from our program, but also many other children from the villages. They used games, shows, visuals and paper worksheets packets to teach the children that absolutely no one should touch them in their private areas. And that if anyone does, the children must go tell their parents about this right away.

Continue to join us in praise and prayer for these children! Praise the Lord that we reached 1200 children about this subject matter — a topic that is highly hidden and unspoken in Egypt. Pray that each child will remember this teaching and will go to a safe adult if it happens to them. And pray that God would end this sin amongst these villages and bring protection, joy and safety to each and every child!


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