Duck, duck…duck

As part of our initiative for income generating activities (“micro businesses”) and as part of our sustainability value, we started a new wave of duck-raising for the families with which we work. After a pilot program a few months ago that carried on successfully, we now have a total of 14 families from Beni Ahmed village and 6 families from Ashnin village participating in this program. Each family received 15 ducklings)–that’s a total of 300 ducks!

The project started October 14th and is expected to end around the end of December/beginning of January. This timing will be perfect for these families to sell frozen duck meat in Cairo (at our church) and some of the ducks themselves in El Minya City. The profits these families will receive through the project will help them in their path out of poverty, as well as them gaining an even greater gift of the knowledge and experience of how to own and run such a business.

For more pictures, visit our Facebook page here.


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