Healing Families

One of the most touching testimonies we have heard recently from our sponsored children is from an 11-year-old boy who was suffering from bed-wetting…we will call him “A” to protect his identity. It was found out that his problem was because he has been subjected to family violence–his father and his uncle were punishing him by “electric shock” and his mother was accepting the violence towards her son. Our team stood up firmly to the family and we worked on two main things: the first is protecting A and the second, following up with the mother in counseling and giving her practical tips to help A. It made a great difference!

A is now getting better in school and can read. On a psychological basis, he is now almost healed from bed-wetting and he told us that he is more happy and secure now. His sister helps him to pray and to read the Bible every day. A has a very gentle confident smile and he told me he is encouraged to learn more. He now has a group of friends his age and and enjoys playing soccer with them in weekly basis.

Your sponsorship helps change these children’s lives in incredible ways! Thank you!

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