Visitors from California

We were so blessed to have a group from Mariners Church in California visit our church Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical in Egypt a couple of weeks ago. One of their days, they took a special day trip to Burtubat village. This amazing church in California is sponsoring an entire village of 50 children in our program!
As the group made their way a few hours south to the village, they began to see what Egypt looks like outside of the big city of Cairo. Seeing farms being worked by hands and animals being used as transportation was just the start.
Our first stop in the village was in the local church there where we partner. This local church provides volunteers, space and a connection for each of the families with children we sponsor in our program. Seeing the children perform songs and praise the Lord in their own way was a true blessing for the group.
Next, they got to see some of the children receiving education lessons. Sitting beside them while they learned and encouraging them was a great blessings for the children. In one moment, one of the women spoke deep words of truth and inspiration over the children and encouraged them to believe in who God says they are and that He will help them achieve their dreams as the work hard and study and go to God. See a video of this here on our Facebook page.
The group then met with the local volunteers and understanding all of the hard work they put into helping these children week in and week out. Following that, they were also able to personally meet children and families in the program in their home and see a bit of what their life is like in the village.
Visits like this are priceless for these children and their families, and for the Kingdom of God and His work in their hearts and lives. 
You don’t need to sponsor a whole village…you can become a sponsor for one child as an individual and see lives changed in dramatic ways! Find out more here and pray about becoming a sponsor today.
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