Saving homes and changing lives

From generation to generation, farm land has been passed down within families in villages across Egypt. As these families have grown in numbers, they’ve built homes on the land. Though the land was deemed as agricultural land, a “norm” had been created for years in the country that this was ok to do. Then in recent weeks, many families were facing a sudden dilemma — pay a huge amount of money to reconcile this wrong, or be kicked out of your home with nowhere else to go.

We were heartbroken hearing from so many of our sponsored families that were facing this situation withno solution. They don’t have the money or means to pay that hefty fine that quickly. We decided to step in with funds. We couldn’t imagine so many of these children suddenly homeless and losing the very little they had…a cement block apartment with a few furnishings inside.

It was our JOY to be able to provide for these children and their families in this emergency situation and we are thankful we had some funds saved up to be able to do this. Every beautiful child pictured below is now still safe at home, instead of on the streets.

Thank you for your continued giving to our ministry. We are grateful to every donor and partner working with and through us to impact the lives of these incredible children and their families.


Learn more about giving here: http://i19.14f.mywebsitetransfer.com/index.php/donate/


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