Hope through surgery

David is a child in the second grade in the village of Beni Ahmed Sharkya in the area of Minya. Since birth, he’s had a problem in the right eye (occlusion of the tear duct in the right eye). The doctor at a hospital in Cairo said that David needs cleaning of the duct “Dacryocystorhinostomy” because pus comes out from his eyes, and that makes his face very puffy.

He passed through two surgeries, but did not succeed in alleviating the pain caused by swelling of the face and his eye continues to exude pus strongly. And in this situation his condition prevented him from going to school because his face was so incredibly swollen. It was a problem of not only pain, but also that the kids in the school were making fun of him because of his appearance. This made David extremely introverted and his academic level was very low because of his physical condition.

It was a very difficult tie for the whole family, especially his parents who were watching their child suffering without adequate help. They were told that he needed a different surgery to complete fix David’s eye problem — “Implanting a pillar in the eye.” As they are very poor, they couldn’t afford the cost of the proper surgery (5,000 Egyptian Pounds) and felt so hopeless.

Our Children was able to step in, thanks to David being a sponsored child and his sponsor’s contributions, to pay for the surgery! The operation was done a month ago with great success, alleviating David’s pain and swelling.  David now goes to school and comes to literacy groups in the church and plays with his friends.  Also, his mental health is far better than before the operation–he is more cheerful and happy. Praise God!

Our ministry Director , Sameeh, visiting with David.

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