A Christmas Miracle

We have a wonderful 10-year-old girl (Primary 5), Jehan, in our child sponsorship program since the beginning of this year–she lost her father shortly after joining our program and her mother had a heart condition that resulted in surgery. It’s been a hard year for Jehan and her family. This girl herself always suffered in her health, not being to even climb stairs without struggling.

After being mis-diagnosed earlier this year, and treated for, rheumatic heart disease, Jehan still suffered. Our ministry staff decided to follow up with her case and get a 2nd opinion from another doctor. It was then, just 2 months ago, she was diagnosed with ASD (atrial septal defect, which is a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of your heart–hers was said to be 18mm!).

Her surgery would be extensive and something our ministry just simply could not afford or handle for her. Looking for a miracle for Jehan, we reached out to the famous heart hospital in Aswan (upper Egypt), Aswan Heart Centre, a hospital founded by the famous heart surgeon “Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub”. They offer free surgeries for serious cases for those that cannot afford surgery.

Our ministry staff gathered together all her records and appealed to the hospital. She was invited to come to the hospital last Thursday for them to assess her situation and see if she would be eligible for surgery. We arranged for and paid for her train tickets for her and her family.

What we thought would be just a weekend trip to the hospital for Jehan to be looked over with the hopes of a surgery sometime in the near future, turned into a miracle of healing!

On Saturday, she went in for a surgery for simple diagnostics. When she came out of surgery, the doctors shared with us that they had been able to go ahead and fix her heart! The cauterization and intervention were completely successful. Complete healing! PRAISE GOD!

The is a real life miracle. The doctors in the heart hospital came out of the surgery in complete shock that Jehan was alive before the surgery, that she could possibly be living with this problem and for so long. They reported that the hole was actually 24mm big!

Let’s join with this wonderful young girl, Jehan, and her family in CELEBRATION! Let’s sing praises to God today for saving her life, giving her a life of fullness and healing and a life of a child who can now play and learn. He is the God who restores!

Also, join us in praying for Jehan, that the Lord will continue her recovery to the full.

Our part as a ministry in this situation was very small, but by God’s grace very influential. Like the widow who came to Elisha with the olive oil–we come with little, but the Lord honors our action and brings the miracle!

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